Ion this episode, we discuss the best fountain pens to infect those whom are newly infected with the fountain pen virus. 

Episode 14: Fan Mail

In this episode, we sort through, respond to, and clear out the inbox. Thanks for the emails! Keep em coming!

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In this episode, The Odd Oink and I talk about behaviors at pen shows that are a no-no. 

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In this episode, Odd Oink an I talk about the brand Retro 51 and their apparent plans to close their doors... and the birth of the #saveretro51 Instagram movement. 


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This week, we feature Mike Matteson of

A good time was had by all! Be sure to check him out!


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In this episode, we discuss new pen designs of fountain pens made by fictional pen companies; which spins out of control...

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In this episode, we discuss Vegan Burgers / Writing Porn / and if Are Fountain Pens Bougie. Hope you enjoy. 

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This week, Tom and I had a topic that went off the rails, but who cares?!? It was tons of fun! Happy new year and thanks to this weeks sponsors, Leonardo Officina Italiana and Pen Chalet!!

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In this episode, Odd Oink returns to talk about the best and worst pens of 2019!

Merry Christmas!! 

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In this episode, Tom and I recap the fountain pen things that sucked, didn't suck and doorknobs of 2019! 


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